Our program includes sewer, telephone and water supply covers, drainage grates and line, channel fittings and accessories, cast iron benches and stands for the tables.

The products are made of ductile iron and gray cast iron beoaring from 15kN to 900kN.

In accordance with the requirements of the customers product can be ordered to draw up a label, logo or emblem. All the products have corrosion protection, which is achieved by immersion in a black mass of asphalt or coated.

All paints used are harmless to drinking water.

At any time in our stock is a large quantity of finished products, and at the request of the goods delivered to your destination.
For any further information you can contact us at:

Golsvordijeva 34, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia
phone: +381 11 407-27-01

Beogradska BB, 23000 Zrenjanin, Serbia

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